Janie Flores

Hispanicize 2013

In About on April 17, 2013 at 3:18 am

IMG_1929 I was at Hispanicize2013 last week, it is a fabulous conference for Bloggers/Social Media/Journalism/Film/Music headed up by Manny Ruiz, his wife Angelica and a wonderful team of people. Had the best time, made some new friends, learned a lot and worked a lot. There were terrific workshops, events, movie premieres, concerts and the cameras from Miami Al Maximo were there. We shot some great interviews with the cream of the blogging world and with some well known celebrities! This abuela soaked her sore little feet over the weekend and now back to more exciting adventures this week! I will post some more pics over the next few days of Hispanicize2013. Bendiciones!

  1. Looking forward to seeing more Hispanicize photos! Hope to meet you at Hispanicize 2014! 🙂

  2. Make that 2 Abuelas de Miami soaking their feet after Hispanicize!! It was great to meet you and hope we get together for some cafécito and nieto story swapping en la proxima. BB2U

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