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Shop Small Saturday, November 30, 2013

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Shop Small Saturday, November 30, 2013

Shop Small Saturday, November 30, 2013

Today is Shop Small Saturday and Abuela de Miami is in full swing encouraging you to support small independent businesses in your community. You know, the small mom and pop shop down the street, the cute little boutique with the great window displays, the photographer that is just starting their business, the tiny cafeteria on the corner, the bakery that makes delicous pasteles, the tamaleria that’s across town, the catering company that prepares lechon and congris for the holidays, or like Abuela de Miami, the independent production companies that count on each project to keep their doors open.

The Small Business Administration (SBA) indicates America’s 28 million small businesses create two out of every three net new private sector jobs and are the backbone of our economy, with half of working Americans either owning or working for a small business. And of those 28 milliion small business over 3 million are Hispanic-owned according to a report released in September by the US U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and Geoscape. Small Business Saturday is a nation-wide initiative held on the Saturday after Black Friday that brings Americans together to support small businesses, with the money you spend going right back into your local economy.

So there it is folks! Every time you buy your cafecito at the cafeteria on the corner, every time you shop at the local tiendita de mercado where the butcher knows your name, every time you take your kids to eat “una frita y un batido de mamey” you contribute to the economic growth of this nation and more importantly of your “comunidad.” And in honor of this important day, Buena Vida Media is offering 25% off of your video productions needs today! Send Abuela de Miami a message! Felices fiestas from Abuela de Miami!


BJ’s Holiday Shopping Tour

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The holidays are upon us and Abuela de Miami was invited to an Exclusive Holiday Preview Event at BJ’s Wholesale Club in Kendall. Just in time, because with the launch of her new show, handling the marketing for an upcoming short film and preparing for a phenomenal 2014, the holidays were the last thing on my mind.

We were welcomed by the friendly staff at BJ’s and taken on a tour of the club, where our guide highlighted some of the unique policies and items offered at BJ’s. One of the most important policies is that BJ’s accepts manufacturer’s coupons! This is fabulous news for a startup business owner like Abuela de Miami who has to make her money stretch. Another interesting note is that many of the toys sold at BJ’s come with a bonus item in the package. Christmas Cheer!

Abuela de Miami’s tight budget is accompanied by a tight schedule and thankfully BJ’s makes it very convenient for Abuela de Miami to do grocery shopping and Christmas shopping all at once. While I was touring the store I made a mental note of some great holiday gifts for family, friends and clients. Of special note are the “break-apart” gifts like Ghirardelli’s 4 Pack Cocoa Mugs for $19.99 which are individually packaged. 4 gifts for one low price!

Abuela de Miami was not a member of any large wholesale club because it is just Abuelo de Miami and me at home, and buying in bulk seemed like a waste, particularly for grocery items like meat. However, BJ’s has an in store butcher who will repackage the meat items to your specifications and the value price remains the same. Add to that the great prices on gas and Abuela de Miami considered it worthwhile to sign up for a membership.

The tour was capped off by a luncheon where Abuela de Miami had a taste of some of the delicacies found at BJ’s like specialty cheeses, lobster dip, fancy crackers, vegetable trays, fruit trays, sausage and cheese trays and decadent desserts which you can quickly pick up on your way to that holiday party or family potluck.

Getting ready for the holiday season is easier than ever if you use BJ’s as a resource for your holiday shopping while saving time and money.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Feliz Navidad!

Parenting and Cell Phone Use 101

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Abuela de Miami spent a pleasant morning at the event hosted by Los Tweens and AIO Wireless: Parenting in the Age of Technology.

Christy Clavijo-Kish and Katherine Doble of Los Tweens along with Errol Flynn of AIO Wireless led a lively and interactive discussion over the cell phone use among children and some of the apps offered by AIO Wireless which help parents keep them safe such as MamaBear, which tracks your child’s location and monitors their Facebook feed for any signs of bullying or harsh language.

Abuela de Miami is very impressed that AIO has been proactive about developing apps that help parents safeguard their children when the time comes to get them a cell phone.
Parents in the age of technology

AIO Wireless is a new wireless company offering consumers first class service at a value price, with no annual contract, unlimited talk, text, and data. You can visit http://www.aiowireless.com for more information.

NAMI Walk, Saturday, November 9th

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One of Abuela de Miami’s fellow abuela’s, Bohemian Babushka is very involved with the National Alliance for Mental Illness, which is an organization dedicated to bringing awareness of mental illness. Today they are holding a walkathon in Coconut Creek, Fl. They have a schedule of great activities for the whole family during the event. Here are some of the activities taking place at the walk:
Walk Warm-up
Team Poster Making Station
Meaningful Messages Wall – Create your own words or pictures of inspiration to share with walkers on our Meaningful Messages Wall. We provide the supplies, you supply the inspiration!
What does mental health mean to you?
Have a favorite quote? Share it!
Draw a picture of Walk Day activities
Words of encouragement
Positive Thoughts
Chair Massages
Doggie Treats and Water Station
Dog Costume
Pet Parade with prizes for
Best Pet CostumeNAMI walks
Pet/Owner Look Alike
Best in Show
Mental Health Therapy Dog Exhibition
Arts & Crafts for children
Face Painting
Special Animal Characters

Hula Hoop Contest
Bean Bag Toss
Fire Truck Demonstration courtesy of Coconut Creek Fire Department
Broward Sheriff’s Office Display Cars and Information
Line Dancing

Wow! Sounds like fun! So do something meaningful and educational for the kids while having fun together!

MIAMI AL MAXIMO Cocktail Launch Party!

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Abuela de Miami had a fabulous time at the Cocktail Launch Party for MIAMI AL MAXIMO. It was a beautiful, cool November evening with a slight breeze by the pool at The Room 316 bar located at the Euro Suites Hotel in Doral.

Everyone looked beautiful, especially the host of MIAMI AL MAXIMO, Aisha Duran. We had our cameras there and did some interviews which will air later this season. We have to give a shout out to our wonderful sponsors who support the work that we are doing to creat entertaining and inspirational television. First of all to the Euro Suites Hotel and their owners, managers and staff, THANK YOU! They have supported MIAMI AL MAXIMO from the beginning and opened up their beautiful hotel for us to film the majority of our interviews there, and were thrilled to have us do our launch party there as well on the rooftop at The Room 316 bar. I can’t say enough great things about them. It isn’t easy finding sponsors who will give you there support when you are starting out. That’s why Abuela de Miami says “don’t skip the commercials!”

We also had the sponsorship support of Florida Venture Foundation, LABA (Latin American Business Association), New York Life, Gadal Laboratories, Chick Fil A,for this event. We value these organizations and appreciate how they have caught the vision of what MIAMI AL MAXIMO looks to accomplish through the program. We hope to continue our partnership with them for a long time.

We’ve only just begun! Keep us in your prayers, especially this little Abuela de Miami, as we change the landscape of television for the better!<a href="https://abuelademiami.files.wordpress.com/2013/11/image11.jMexicanos en Miami always giving their support!  pg”>NEW YORK LIFEGadal LaboratoriesFlorida Venture Foundation and LABA (Latin American Business Association)Euro Suites Hotel & The Room 316

Morning Routine!

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

Abuela de Miami loves her mornings. I rise early and spend some quiet, uninterrupted time reading the Bible and conversing with my creator and Heavenly Father. Out of that I receive inspiration for writing my daily devotional which I share in my blog UNDER A BOWL.

Then I can prepare breakfast, which for Abuela de Miami is the most important meal of the day. Period. I have my Big Tea from Big Bang Tea, which is helping me to lose weight slowly, but surely. I’ve lost 20 pounds already and my energy levels are up and my clothes fit better! This morning I am reading the November issue of AARP Bulletin. Although I’m not yet 50, it has some great articles on all sorts of life issues. Immediately following breakfast I have started to take 2 tablespoons of Gadavyt Liquid Protein which contains glycine and proline, important amino acids in the building up of connective tissues. Then I’m ready to go!

Today I have the Cocktail Launch Party for MIAMI AL MAXIMO at the Euro Suites Hotel in Doral, so my day is filled in preparation to receive our guests and to film the event. I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow!

Celebrating the launch of MIAMI AL MAXIMO with all the friends who have supported us!  Thank you!

Celebrating the launch of MIAMI AL MAXIMO with all the friends who have supported us! Thank you!

Jose de Egipto

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Abuela de Miami is really enjoying the novela “Jose de Egipto” that is currently airing on Mundo Fox. It brings to life the characters that I learned about in Sunday School when I was a child. If you recall Jose was the son of Jacob and Raquel who was the envy of his brothers because of the preferential treatment he received from Jacob. Jacob made him a special coat of many colors and that was the straw that broke the camels back, Jose’s brothers schemed and ended selling him to caravan of bedouins headed to Egypt. In Egypt he has both success and failure, but eventually he comes out on top and ends up being a savior for Egypt and the ancient world. Catch it if you can, Monday-Friday at 8:00 p.m on Mundo Fox.


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Abuela de Miami finally had a full office day and I accomplished quite a bit, including sending out the press release for the cocktail launch event for MIAMI AL MAXIMO. Our first season was chock full of celebrities and entrepreneurs who live in Miami and have worked to make it a world class city. We visit a different neighborhood in each episode, and for those of you who like me are not originally from Miami it is pleasantly surprising to see how diverse Miami really is. We visited Doral, Brickell, Kendall, Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, Midtown, Downtown, Design District and this week we’re cruising through Homestead and interviewing a number if the drivers from NASCAR’s Drive for Diversity Program. NASCAR is making a concerted effort to reach out to Hispanics and draw them into becoming loyal fans by increasing the number of Hispanic race car drivers. We interviewed German Qiuroga, Sergio Peña, Daniel Suarez, Bryan Ortiz and even got to visit the garage and pit area! I’m looking forward to going back this year.


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Abuela de Miami is really excited about the show this week on MIAMI AL MAXIMO. Our show features NASCAR at Homestead-Miami Speedway. We interviewed a number of the drivers from NASCAR’s diversity drive program like German Quiroga, Sergio Peña, Bryan Ortiz, Daniel Suárez among others. We also caught up with Commissioner Jose Pepe Diaz and the Vp of NASCAR, Marcus Jadotte. And we topped it all off by interviewing the legendary Frankie J!

Tune in on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 4:30p on the TEVEO network, Comcast 82, Atlantic 3Aisha interviewing Daniel Suarez


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Abuela de Miami embarked on an very ambitious schedule yesterday, but alas, the best laid plans, etc., etc.   One can only do so much and then you have to say enough or your body will do it for you.  So to my friends whose events I wasn’t able to make it to, I’m sorry to have missed the celebrations, all worthy I might add, but this little Abuela de Miami finally lost steam at around 7p.

I returned home after attending the Red Party which launched makeup tutorials by makeup artist and designer Cesar Rosario, who is also MIAMI AL MAXIMO’s own makeup artist and stylist. Makeup Tutorials by Cesar Rosario

Makeup Artist and designer Cesar Rosario

Makeup Artist and designer Cesar Rosario

I didnt’t make it to the “Amigas Groove for the Cure” charity event for the Susan G. Komen Foundation hosted by my dear amigas Wendy Sayago of Miami Fashion Trends and Aileen Abella of A2Media. I did hear that they raised over $700 for breast cancer!! Next time #305Chicas!

Charity event for Susan G. Komen hosted by Wendy Sayago of Miami Fashion Trends and Aileen Abella of A2 Media

Charity event for Susan G. Komen hosted by Wendy Sayago of Miami Fashion Trends and Aileen Abella of A2 Media

I also missed out on the Candy Woolley November editorial release party where Lissette Rondon, founder and president of Miami Fashion Spotlight is featured.
Many congrats to her!

Celebrating her feature in the November editorial release for Candy Woolley handbags

Celebrating her feature in the November editorial release for Candy Woolley handbags

And last but not least, I wasn’t able to attend the grand opening of the expanded dining room of Las Cazuelas Mexican Restaurant owned by Daniel Vargas, who also appeared in the Kendall episode of MIAMI AL MAXIMO. If you are searching for authentic home cooked Mexican food in Miami, this is the place to visit. The tacos de carne asada are delicious and simply prepared, the way we eat them in Mexico, on a soft corn tortilla with chopped onions, cilantro and topped off with a delicious and spicy salsa. Make sure you let him know Abuela de Miami sent you! Las Cazuelas Mexican Restaurant

Ok, my hat off to you if you made it through this post. ‘Til mañana, this Abuela de Miami is signing out to go to a meeting!