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“Trump”isms for success!

In About on March 7, 2014 at 9:10 am
@abuelademiami enjoying the @web.com #smallbizsummit

@abuelademiami enjoying the @web.com #smallbizsummit

“Trump”isms for Success

Abuela de Miami had the privilege of attending the Web,com Small Business Summit recently held at the Trump National Hotel in Doral, Florida during the Cadillac Championship. Web.com Tour hosted hundreds of small business owners in the south Florida area at the luxury resort and were given special VIP treatment that started with Preferred Parking, luxury shuttles, tickets to the golf championship, exquisite bites at the welcoming reception, an evening reception at the International Club on the 18th Hole aaaannnnddd…the Donald himself made an appearance and shared some of the wisdom that has made him successful.

1. You have to have “tremendous passion” for whatever it is you are doing.
– If you don’t have passion it’s never going to happen.
– You have to love what you do
– If you love what you do it is never really work
– “My vacation is my work” – Donald Trump

2. You have to develop the ability to never quit or give up.
– “People who quit are frickin losers” – Donald Trump
– When he experienced financial difficulty in the 90’s he came up with a slogan to motivate himself, “Survive til ’95”

3. Everybody makes mistakes; you must learn from your mistakes
– Use the laws of the country to your advantage, i.e. bankruptcy laws

4. Opportunity is the greatest when things aren’t going well
– The economy is going to get worse, there are some great deals available, this is a great time to have cash so you can buy

5. Momentum: many people don’t understand the word ‘momentum’. When you lose your momentum your business will suffer. Work to maintain your momentum

6. Pressure: many people cannot handle pressure.
– If you cannot handle pressure you should know that about yourself
– You have to understand what it is that makes people tick, but most importantly you have to know what makes you tick.

7. You never know what’s going to happen. Sometimes you have to take risks.
– You have to have great confidence
– You have to have great knowledge
– But you have to be willing to take risks

8. “One thing I learned about life: it’s not about money”
– Happiness is what it’s all about. Some of the richest people are mean, unhappy
– You need to do what makes you happy
– Having a family, a great life, real relationships supersede tremendous success!

Thank you Donald! And thank you Web.com for the special treat! #SmallBizSummit



Casa dulce casa

In About on July 30, 2013 at 6:50 pm
Fourth generation Mexican American, little Damien, my great grand nephew

Fourth generation Mexican American, little Damien, my great grand nephew

Much has been written of late regarding the furor that erupted when the young Sebastian de la Cruz and more recently the iconic salsa singer Marc Anthony sang the national anthem at sporting events. Some Anglos and African Americans were offended that these two Hispanic Americans would be invited to sing songs that honor and pay tribute to America because they are “Mexican.” The irony lies in that both of these men were born here, feel more comfortable communicating in English and aren’t able to “go back to” any other country because this is their country.

As a Hispanic I was proud to see how both Sebastian and Marc showed grace under fire and didn’t resort to the same mudslinging, name calling or racial slurs that were hurled at them by people who are clearly ignorant, resentful and afraid of the changing face of America. The “educación” Hispana learned at home was clearly evident in their response to the anger directed towards them. What instills even more pride is the rush to their defense by the Hispanic community en masse. Mi gente we have risen to the occasion as never before. From “sea to shining sea”, from the mountains to the prairies, to the oceans white with foam, the voices of Hispanic Americans have made known that they will not remain quiet, will not be intimidated and will use their voice individually and collectively to express their displeasure and disapproval at racially motivated attacks on other Hispanics.

Social media in particular has been a crucial vehicle to express our outrage, to connect and to continue organizing for a change in the tone of the debate taking place in this country where Hispanics are concerned. Social media sites such as Latino Rebels and Being Latino are quick to raise the alarm, and the traditional Hispanic media such as Univision, Telemundo, CNN en Español, MundoFox, MegaTV are every vigilant. And it is not over, most recently Bebe Lanugo, a company in Miami is calling for Hispanics to show our children that they can be proud of being Hispanic American by making a video of you and your children singing the national anthem and sending it to them from which they will create a video which will be seen around the US. You can send it to cantaconorgullo@gmail.com as soon as possible if you would like to participate.

We are all different, with different world views even within the Hispanic community, but that does not justify the disrespectful, abusive or racist vitriol that so easily seems to pour forth from some Anglo and African American citizens and leaders alike when referring to Hispanics, especially when it comes to Mexicans. Hispanics are now the largest minority group in this country and by all statistical indications our numbers are projected to continue growing exponentially over the next decades, especially Mexicans. This is also our “home sweet home,” our “casa dulce casa,” and we are productive, enterprising and a BLESSING to this great country.

Abuela de Miami